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Sunday Worship – April 19

Hey Fourth Family. It looks like the sermon will be up by 11:00am Sunday morning. We typically have it up earlier, but we’re sharing the sermon video with another church this week, and we are a little limited to when we can post. We appreciate your patience. Worship Songs Children’s Message Message

4th Good News 4-15

Tune in today for another dose of Fourth Church news. We have a couple special guests today, though they don’t know that. We also talk about the Wednesday Zoom prayer gatherings, and who is preaching this Sunday.

Christ Has Risen

I just finished watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy with part of my family. I’ve watched the movies a number of times, and read the books at least three times through. If you called me a nerd, you would not hurt my feelings. I really enjoy this story. Before you Star Wars fans immediately…
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Share Your Story – Testimony Page

A couple weeks back we put out a call for people to share their testimonies about how Jesus has changed their lives. I offered to put testimonies on the website, and will be updating this page as testimonies come in, or I find them on Facebook. Dawn’s Testimony “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not…
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Click on the video below after 7:00am Easter morning to worship our Risen Savior with us!

Good Friday

Holy Week – Anointed

This morning, as I stare out my office window, the wind is whipping the purple fabric on the cross. Over the last two weeks, since putting up the cross, I’ve adjusted the fabric numerous times. The wind keeps grabbing hold of the ends of the material and twisting it around the cross, making it a…
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4th Good News

Tune in for some important announcements and reminders regarding Holy Week, and a bonus weather report.

Holy Week – Jesus vs. Religious Leaders

If you’re following the blog, then you know I’m reflecting on Holy Week as told in the Gospel of Mark. So far this week, we’ve looked at Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem. He caused a huge stir in the city, and put people on edge. Folks were anxious about what Jesus was up to, and…
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