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Following Jesus, Serving Others, and Sharing God's Love

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Dr. Branson Parler What should the church do when faced with new challenges, questions, and directions? The early church faced complicated issues and questions, but Acts 15 gives us insight into how God works to lead us continually and faithfully in the direction he has for us.

Next: The Early Church Today – Servants of a Servant King

Dr. Branson Parler In today‚Äôs text, we will see how the early church responds to conflict that arises. In particular, we will see the origins of the office of deacon and how God provides for his church through those called to fulfill this office and how their ministry leads to further spreading of the Gospel…
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Next: The Early Church Today – Unstoppable Movement

Rev. Eric Schalk This morning our text brings us to another trial before the Sanhedrin. As the religious leaders work to squash the Jesus movement, we’ll reflect on how we are called to suffer for Jesus with joy.

Stay Strong #7 – Expect Persecution?

Rev. Eric Schalk Many of us have been mocked once or twice for saying or doing something strange. Most of us have not been persecuted for our faith. In our text this morning we will see that Paul tells everyone who desires to live a godly life that they will be persecuted. We’ll explore what…
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Stay Strong #5 – Pursue the Noble Life

Rev. Eric Schalk Today we pick up our series on 2 Timothy. Our text helps us to think through what we are to do when someone attacks the baton of faith. We will see how God calls us to deal with issues in the church, and why it is vital we work towards reconciliation.