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Following Jesus, Serving Others, and Sharing God's Love

Next: The Early Church Today – What’s In A Name?

Rev. Eric Schalk This morning we’ll explore how the early church received the name “Christian,” and what that name means for us today.

Next: The Early Church Today – Take and Eat

Dr. Branson Parler Our text this week stands at a turning  point in the history of God’s redemptive work. We see that the outpouring of God’s Spirit is not only for the physical descendants of Abraham but that, in Christ, Gentiles also receive the fullness of God’s Spirit. We will see that God calls Peter…
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Next: The Early Church Today – Healing & Gifts

Rev. Eric Schalk After spending a few weeks focused on Saul, today we shift our focus back to Peter to see what God has been doing through him. Through Peter’s ministry, we will see some of his gifts for ministry, and explore what spiritual gifts mean for us today.

Next: The Early Church Today – Share & Grow

Rev. Eric Schalk Today we’ll dive into the passage that follows on the heels of Saul’s conversion. We’ll examine how Saul dove into his mission of sharing the gospel, and how his peers reacted to his sudden change. Through Saul’s experience, we’ll see our need for discipleship and call to share Jesus.

Next: The Early Church Today – Daily Conversion

Rev. Eric Schalk This morning we will examine Saul’s conversion. By wrestlig with Saul’s story, we will see our need to turn to Jesus every day for the grace we need to grow as believers.

Next: The Early Church Today – The Gift That Can’t Be Bought

Dr. Branson Parler Today we will see both the power of the gospel as well as the confusion that happens when we try to make the gospel about us. Though Simon the sorcerer was baptized, he failed to grasp his own sin and need for repentance. He wanted to follow King Jesus for how Jesus…
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Sing Unto the Lord a New Song

Maxwell Nkansah  

Next: The Early Church Today – Inciting Incident

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 7 Today’s text provides a crucial turning point in the life of the early church. As we contemplate Stephen’s speech, and subsequent murder, we’ll examine our relationship with God to see if we relate more with Stephen or the religious leaders who persecuted the church.

Next: The Early Church Today – Unstoppable Movement

Rev. Eric Schalk This morning our text brings us to another trial before the Sanhedrin. As the religious leaders work to squash the Jesus movement, we’ll reflect on how we are called to suffer for Jesus with joy.

Next: The Early Church Today – The Fear of the Lord

Dr. Branson Parler This morning we’ll see how we need a healthy fear of the Lord, and examine how we’re typically driven by an unhealthy fear of wordly things.