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Following Jesus, Serving Others, and Sharing God's Love

Everyday Faith

Rev. Eric Schalk Last week we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus and experienced the joy of new life. How do we take the excitement of Easter with us throughout our lives? How do we experience our faith on a daily basis? This morning we will look to the early church to see what everyday faith…
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Stay Strong #7 – Expect Persecution?

Rev. Eric Schalk Many of us have been mocked once or twice for saying or doing something strange. Most of us have not been persecuted for our faith. In our text this morning we will see that Paul tells everyone who desires to live a godly life that they will be persecuted. We’ll explore what…
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Spiritual Momentum

Rev. Todd VanEk This morning we welcome Todd VanEk, Mission India’s new President, as he shares his passion for this ministry. Todd most recently was Lead Pastor at Christ Memorial Church in Holland. He and his wife, Jean, have five children, including a daughter adopted from India. Todd has been an advocate for Mission India…
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