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Following Jesus, Serving Others, and Sharing God's Love

Can Everything Really Be Beautiful?

Rev. Bob Zomermaand We welcome Bob Zomermaand this morning as he leads us in worship. After serving as pastor for various churches, Bob now enjoys his work for an online theology school called Christian Leaders Institute.

Singing Within You

Pastor Tim Meendering The gospel revealed at Christmas is the source and fuel for a deep and stubborn joy that transcends any grief and struggle that comes our way. Our students, through the Christmas program, and our digging into the Word together will celebrate and teach us how to find and fuel this singing within…
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Returning Home

Pastor Tim Meendering Jeremiah refers to the ancient Jewish people as those who worship lifeless idols and commit adultery in their relationship with God. How could this have anything to do with us today? We will explore how we participate in our own versions of idol worship and adultery and how God lovingly calls us…
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Look, Not Do

Pastor Tim Meendering Our stories of snakes and the cross will provide insight into our hopelessly insatiable spiritual condition and at the same time, provide us with the cure and hope for deep change and satisfaction. We will see how our salvation, earned by Christ, is only given and received when we look with faith.

The Feast

Dr. Branson Parler

The End of Faith Alone

Dr. Branson Parler Today is Reformation Sunday. The Reformers were known for their insistence onsola fide,that we are justified by faith alone. James, however, appears to contradict this in his letter. Today we will think about the centrality of justification by faith alone while also remembering that faith alone is not an end in itself.…
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Who Are We…?

Pastor Tim Meendering We are celebrating 20 years of ministry together today and as we do so, we will turn to God’s covenant with David in 1 Samuel 7 for God’s perspective. David said, “Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me thus far?” As your pastor…
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God Thirst

Pastor Tim Meendering Every Christ-follower will struggle through seasons of thirst or spiritual dehydration. Psalms 42 and 43 will help us to understand some of the causes and the cure.

Christ & Criticism

Pastor Tim Meendering The giving and receiving of criticism will often be harmful and avoided but the Bible shows us that criticism can be wisely received and given so that it gives life rather than tears down. God’s Word will show us the way to thrive with good criticism in our marriages and other relationships.

The Power of Jesus in Your Story

Pastor Tim Meendering When Jesus forces the demons out of a man and into a couple of thousand pigs, we see his great saving power for anyone and at the same time, we will see the power of sharing our story of Jesus’ mercy.