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Following Jesus, Serving Others, and Sharing God's Love

Covenant Children #1 – Passover Roots

Rev. Eric Schalk Exodus 12

A Covenant Meal

Dr. Branson Parler Exodus 24

Missional Language

Rev. Aaron Wetzel Mark 7:24-37

Gospel Discomfort

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 24

Faithful Discipleship

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 20:17-38

A Light To My Path

  Dr. Branson Parler Psalm 119:101-105

Death at a Resurrection Service

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 20:1-26

See The Savior

Rev. Eric Schalk Matthew 28:1-15

God On A Donkey

Rev. Eric Schalk Matthew 21:1-11


Rev. Jay Sowers This morning, we welcome back Rev. Jay Sowers as he leads us in worship. Jay has served as a pastor in the RCA for many years in various locations. We have also appreciated his wife, Beth, as she has served amongst us during his years as a transition pastor. This morning he…
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