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Practical Bible Teaching, Uplifting Worship, Casual Atmosphere
1226 Union NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505


Who Goes to Fourth?

  1. People who are eager for more depth in their passionate pursuit of God.
  2. People who long for deeper relationships and a sense of community.
  3. People who have wanted to hear the Christian faith taught in a way in which God is exalted and man in humbled so that Christ and His grace are prized and treasured.
  4. People who are tired of pretense and moral law-keeping that curbs the power of godliness in favor of safe and conventional Christianity.
  5. People who are passionate to see their neighbors know the love of Jesus; especially the children and youth, single parents and families in their community.
  6. People who want to give, pray and go in order to see all the nation worship and love Jesus Christ.