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Advent: Waiting for Joy

Rev. Eric Schalk Today, as we continue our advent series, we will wrestle with what it means to wait for joy. We’ll explore God’s promise to Israel, in Isaiah 9, and see how they could see a reason for joy in the future. We’ll also see how we live in a time where we have…

Advent: Waiting for a New Heart

Dr. Branson Parler In today’s text, we see that God’s people Israel await his radical surgery on them. We see that God promises to give them a new heart and a new Spirit so that they can truly fulfill his intentions for them. Today, we must continue to surrender our hearts to the Great Physician…

Advent: Waiting in the Dark

Dr. Branson Parler This Sunday we begin our Advent series, “Waiting.” Like the season of Lent, the season of Advent is a time of waiting and preparation for the coming celebration. Today we will reflect on the importance of waiting in a culture that desires instant gratification and quick fixes. Even as we look ahead…

Next: The Early Church Today – Draw Near

Rev. Eric Schalk How do we approach God and really hear from him? Many of us desire to hear God speak into our lives, yet we struggle to listen. In our text today, we’ll see how the early church drew near to God and experienced his presence in a profound way. Through their experience, we’ll…

Next: The Early Church Today – What Are You Praying For?

Dr. Branson Parler In our text for today, we will reflect on God’s unexpected deliverance of Peter from jail. This text will force us to ask: what was the early church praying for when they prayed for Peter? Does our way of praying match their way of praying? This morning, let’s pray that God will…

Next: The Early Church Today – Take and Eat

Dr. Branson Parler Our text this week stands at a turning  point in the history of God’s redemptive work. We see that the outpouring of God’s Spirit is not only for the physical descendants of Abraham but that, in Christ, Gentiles also receive the fullness of God’s Spirit. We will see that God calls Peter…

Next: The Early Church Today – Healing & Gifts

Rev. Eric Schalk After spending a few weeks focused on Saul, today we shift our focus back to Peter to see what God has been doing through him. Through Peter’s ministry, we will see some of his gifts for ministry, and explore what spiritual gifts mean for us today.