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Next: The Early Church Today – Inciting Incident

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 7 Today’s text provides a crucial turning point in the life of the early church. As we contemplate Stephen’s speech, and subsequent murder, we’ll examine our relationship with God to see if we relate more with Stephen or the religious leaders who persecuted the church.

Next: The Early Church Today – Servants of a Servant King

Dr. Branson Parler In today’s text, we will see how the early church responds to conflict that arises. In particular, we will see the origins of the office of deacon and how God provides for his church through those called to fulfill this office and how their ministry leads to further spreading of the Gospel…

Next: The Early Church Today – The Third Conversion

Dr. Branson Parler We will see in today’s text that, when Jesus transforms hearts and minds, he transforms our relationship to our money and possessions as well. The early church’s witness to Jesus is inseparable from their willingness to share with one another. Today’s Scripture will help us better see how we can follow their…

Next: The Early Church Today – In His Hands

Dr. Branson Parler The apostles’ prayer in our text today gives us insight into the source of their confidence and power. As we reflect today on God’s providence in our salvation, we will see what can enable us to stand firm, as the early church did, and bear witness to God’s love and faithfulness.


Rev. Jay Sowers This morning, we welcome back Rev. Jay Sowers as he leads us in worship. Jay has served as a pastor in the RCA for many years in various locations. We have also appreciated his wife, Beth, as she has served amongst us during his years as a transition pastor. This morning he…

Next: The Early Church Today – The Name of Jesus

Dr. Branson Parler As we continue with our study of Acts, we will see how Peter’s second sermon in the book points again to the good news of what Jesus has done. Like the first hearers of this sermon, we are today called anew to faith in the strong name of Jesus.