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God Of This City

Dr. Branson Parler Acts 18:1-17 As Paul shares the gospel in Corinth, we see God’s hand working in a variety of ways to shape and form this new church. As we examine this passage today, we’ll be encouraged to be courageous and have eyes to see how God is at work.

Gospel Reasoning

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 17:16-34 This morning we journey with Paul to Athens as we continue our series on Acts. We will spend time looking at how Paul interacted with the Athenian culture and examine how culture impacts us, and we impact it.

Offering Sacrifices

Rev. Aaron Wetzel Please note that due to some technical difficulties, the sermon was not recorded in it’s entirety.

Next: The Early Church Today – Gospel Sexuality

Dr. Branson Parler We live in a world that is confused about human sexuality. So did the early church. Today we will look especially at the commands for Gentiles regarding sexuality in Acts 15 in order to understand why, far from being restrictive, God’s ways are profoundly life-giving.

Next: The Early Church Today – The Leading of the Spirit

Dr. Branson Parler What should the church do when faced with new challenges, questions, and directions? The early church faced complicated issues and questions, but Acts 15 gives us insight into how God works to lead us continually and faithfully in the direction he has for us.

Next: The Early Church Today – Gospel Unheard

Rev. Eric Schalk This morning we will explore the further adventures of Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. We’ll see that despite their preaching, the full extent of the gospel often goes unheard. As we reflect on this text, we’ll explore what it means for us to hear the gospel and live as…