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Next: The Early Church Today – The Name of Jesus

Dr. Branson Parler As we continue with our study of Acts, we will see how Peter’s second sermon in the book points again to the good news of what Jesus has done. Like the first hearers of this sermon, we are today called anew to faith in the strong name of Jesus.

Next: The Early Church Today – What We Have to Give

Dr. Branson Parler In our text today, we will see that the early church continues to grow and thrive as they recognize the source of their power: King Jesus and the Spirit he has poured out upon them. For us today, the challenge is to remain plugged into God’s power source and to focus on…

Next: The Early Church Today – Repentance and Baptism

Rev. Eric Schalk This morning we pick back up in Acts where we will examine the crowd’s response to Peter’s sermon. We’ll see how the unexpected message of Pentecost changed the lives of thousands, and learn how we are to respond to the good news of Jesus. Sermon Note – The audio cut out at…

Death in Life

Jake Parks Everyday we live into death.  Either we accept the status quo of the death of sin that has its grip on the world, or we live into the Jesus in which we give up our life each day so that others may live.

Next: The Early Church Today – Peter’s Gospel

Rev. Eric Schalk Today we continue our series in Acts. We’ll be looking at the aftermath of the Spirit’s outpouring, specifically through Peter’s sermon on Pentecost. We will hear the gospel as preached by Peter, and see what that means for us today.

A Solitary Place

Rev. Bob Zomermaand We welcome Bob Zomermaand this morning as he leads us in worship. Together we will look at Mark 1 focusing on what a solitary place means and to know how dangerous it can be, but with the Holy Spirit we can handle it.

Next: The Early Church Today – Prepare to Launch

Dr. Branson Parler The day of Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 marks the first step in God’s plan for his church to reach the ends of the earth with the good news of Jesus Christ. Today we will see how Acts 2 helps us better understand our own place…

Next: The Early Church Today – Mission Impossible

Dr. Branson Parler Acts 1:12-26 In Acts 1:8, Jesus sets out what appears to be – from a human perspective – an impossible mission. In our text for today, we will see what enables and empowers the early church to begin their task of witnessing to Jesus.

Next: The Early Church Today – Ascending and Sending

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 1:1-11 This morning we begin a new series called Next: The Early Church Today. This series will be based on the book of Acts and will show us how the early church was born, and then spread throughout the Roman Empire. We’ll see that Jesus was the driving force for this…

Bring the Message

Dr. Branson Parler Isaiah 6:1-8 This morning we focus on the calling and commissioning of Isaiah.