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Stay Strong #3 – Receive, Pass, Endure

Rev. Eric Schalk Today we pick up our series on 2 Timothy. This morning we will focus on our need to be constantly receiving the gospel message so we can constantly pass on the gospel message. Paul’s instructions come with a call to endure all things so that the message of Christ will reach all…

A Life Worth Living

Pastor Tim Meendering Today, through the sacraments of communion and baptism and through the preaching of the Word, we will be refreshed in the glory of Christ and the gospel. At the same time, we will see what it means to call on God as our Father in heaven and to pray that his kingdom…

Stairway to Heaven

Rev. David Bast We welcome to Fourth this morning Rev. David Bast, president of Words of Hope. He will give us an update on the Luganda ministry in Uganda and other work done through Words of Hope.

Stay Strong #2 – Not Ashamed

Dr. Branson Parler What do we do when we face difficulty in our faith? In today’s text, we will see how Paul encourages Timothy and us to stand firm in the Gospel. The reality of God’s amazing love for us and examples of Christians who have gone before us should motivate us to “guard the…

Stay Strong #1 – Fan the Flame

Rev. Eric Schalk Today we begin a new series on 2 Timothy. Eric Schalk and Branson Parler will take turns preaching from this great letter that will help us navigate our time of transition. This morning, we will focus on the first chapter of 2 Timothy, and look at Paul’s challenge to have a bold…

Gospel and Godliness

Pastor Tim Meendering As we turn the chapter into a New Year and install elders and deacons, we will dig into what is considered to be the most important text and teaching of Paul’s first letter to Timothy. We will see how we are all called to godliness, why it is so vital and how…

Can Everything Really Be Beautiful?

Rev. Bob Zomermaand We welcome Bob Zomermaand this morning as he leads us in worship. After serving as pastor for various churches, Bob now enjoys his work for an online theology school called Christian Leaders Institute.

We Need Jesus

Pastor Tim Meendering Sometime after Jesus was born, Herod was stirred into a defensive, evil frenzy that led to murdering infant sons and grieving. We will see how God works in and through the struggle and grieving to bring about our ultimate good and his glory.

Singing Within You

Pastor Tim Meendering The gospel revealed at Christmas is the source and fuel for a deep and stubborn joy that transcends any grief and struggle that comes our way. Our students, through the Christmas program, and our digging into the Word together will celebrate and teach us how to find and fuel this singing within…

God’s Glory Revealed

Pastor Tim Meendering Today is the second Sunday of Advent—the season of waiting and anticipation of the coming of Jesus—in preparation for the celebration of his birth. This morning, we will see why God becoming flesh and revealing his glory through Jesus is so deeply encouraging and empowering for the mission to which we are…