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You Are God’s Workmanship

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You Are God’s Workmanship

This morning I walked into church, once again headed for my office in a very quiet building. It is strange working at the church right now. In a typical week I’d be bantering with Mary Kay and Ruth, and talking to a number of people who stop by the office. For the last week, it’s been just me hanging out around the building. Strange. 

Anyway, as I came into church this morning, I paused by the sanctuary. A lot has been accomplished during the outbreak, and I sorta marveled at the shape the room is taking. While the stage is nearly done, and the room is almost ready for flooring, it is striking to me how incomplete it all is. The stage looks barren, the floor looks rough, the pews are all piled up on one side, and in the narthex, and of course it feels incomplete because it is empty of people. 

We’ve had a good number of volunteers help update the sanctuary over the last two months. Many people have contributed in some way through demolition, clean up, and the rebuild. The result is a new space where WE WILL someday gather for worship again. 

Staring into that incomplete space, I found myself reflecting on Philippians 1:6, which states, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Like the sanctuary, you and I are work in progress. Christ has been working, is working, and will continue working to renovate our hearts and minds by taking the sinful part of us, and cleaning it out so we are made in His likeness. Jesus began a good work in us by giving us faith in him. By the power of the Holy Spirit we have been transformed, and we are still being transformed.

While we have been slowed down by the virus, the great news is that Christ is not thwarted by anything. In fact, I would argue that Christ is using this unique moment in our lives to continue and advance his transforming work in us. 

Think about it. In a very short period of time, all of our main distractions have been taken away. Sports are gone. Movie theaters are closed. We are not able to really go anywhere. Our trust in money has once again been shaken. In the midst of all the turmoil, God is still there, unshakable and maybe for some of us more present than ever. 

One of my hopes is that we won’t miss the opportunity God has given each of us right now to be in his presence without the hurry and distraction of our normal routines. Even if we don’t totally slow down and pay attention to what God is doing, I have confidence that God is using this time to do a little spiritual renovation in each of us. By the way, that’s great news. God loved you enough to give you faith, even though you were a mess in sin, and God loves you enough to keep working in you to make you new. 

So, let me wrap this up with a question, and I actually want you to reply in the comments if you can. Where have you seen God at work in you, in your family, or in your life since the pandemic started? 

As you answer that, and maybe even read the answers from others, take time to praise God that you are his workmanship, and through his love, he is working in you and others in amazing ways.