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Category: Acts

Following Jesus, Serving Others, and Sharing God's Love

To Be Continued

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 28

Eating In The Storm

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 27

That Some Might Be Saved

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 21:17-36

A Time To Be Silent

Dr. Branson Parler Acts 19:23-41

In The Name

Rev. Aaron Wetzel Acts 19:1-20

Gospel Co-Workers

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 18:18-28

God Of This City

Dr. Branson Parler Acts 18:1-17 As Paul shares the gospel in Corinth, we see God’s hand working in a variety of ways to shape and form this new church. As we examine this passage today, we’ll be encouraged to be courageous and have eyes to see how God is at work.

Gospel Reasoning

Rev. Eric Schalk Acts 17:16-34 This morning we journey with Paul to Athens as we continue our series on Acts. We will spend time looking at how Paul interacted with the Athenian culture and examine how culture impacts us, and we impact it.

Digging In

Rev. Aaron Wetzel Acts 17:1-15

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Acts 16:11-40 Dr. Branson Parler