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Following Jesus, Serving Others, and Sharing God's Love

Prayer #1 – The Basics

Rev. Eric Schalk Matthew 6:5-13

Next: The Early Church Today – Draw Near

Rev. Eric Schalk How do we approach God and really hear from him? Many of us desire to hear God speak into our lives, yet we struggle to listen. In our text today, we’ll see how the early church drew near to God and experienced his presence in a profound way. Through their experience, we’ll…
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Next: The Early Church Today – What Are You Praying For?

Dr. Branson Parler In our text for today, we will reflect on God’s unexpected deliverance of Peter from jail. This text will force us to ask: what was the early church praying for when they prayed for Peter? Does our way of praying match their way of praying? This morning, let’s pray that God will…
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Next: The Early Church Today – Mission Impossible

Dr. Branson Parler Acts 1:12-26 In Acts 1:8, Jesus sets out what appears to be – from a human perspective – an impossible mission. In our text for today, we will see what enables and empowers the early church to begin their task of witnessing to Jesus.

Everyday Faith

Rev. Eric Schalk Last week we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus and experienced the joy of new life. How do we take the excitement of Easter with us throughout our lives? How do we experience our faith on a daily basis? This morning we will look to the early church to see what everyday faith…
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A Life Worth Living

Pastor Tim Meendering Today, through the sacraments of communion and baptism and through the preaching of the Word, we will be refreshed in the glory of Christ and the gospel. At the same time, we will see what it means to call on God as our Father in heaven and to pray that his kingdom…
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Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Pastor Tim Meendering In the midst of a crazy-paced, self-dependent world, we will always underestimate the weight and significance of prayer. Our focus on Jesus’ teaching regarding prayer will equip and encourage us to boldly and confidently go to our Father.