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Following Jesus, Serving Others, and Sharing God's Love

I’ve spent a lot of time lately on the internet. Between Zoom meetings, blog updates, Facebook updates, emailing, and posting daily reflections to Twitter, I’ve become good friends with my computer. In some ways, I’m realizing that the technology that can keep us apart, has been helpful for keeping us together.

This past week I connected with my pastor group over Zoom and we shared ideas and resources about how to pastor our churches right now. All of us lamented that the new order from the governor means no Easter services for churches, and yet we totally understand. We’re all brainstorming and wondering what do we do to celebrate the risen Christ when we can’t be together?

One thing we’re doing at Fourth is putting up a large cross in the front yard of the church (Thanks to Wendy W. for this idea). Typically the cross is in our sanctuary for Easter weekend, but now its anchored in the lawn. We put it close to the sidewalk and I’m occasionally changing out a sign on the cross that has Bible passages, or song lyrics. There are a lot of people walking the neighborhood right now, so my prayer/hope is that people will stop near the cross, spend time reflecting, and go to God in prayer. I’m also putting the church phone number too, in case someone wants/needs to talk or pray with another person.

Another idea for Easter Sunday comes from something I saw in a pastor’s group online. A church is encouraging all of its members to record a short video, or write a couple paragraphs outlining their testimony and post it online to Facebook, or some other platform. With each post they are encouraging folks to include #JesusChangedMyLife

I love this idea. So, Fourth Church, I’m challenging you to do this. You all have friends and family who don’t know Jesus, and this year there is no church service to invite them to, but YOU can still help share the gospel. I’ve heard some great stories already about how some of you are sharing the gospel in these difficult times. What if we flood Facebook and the internet with posts about how Jesus has changed our lives? If you don’t have Facebook, that doesn’t rule you out. Send me your video or written statement and I’ll put it on the church website, and link it to Facebook.

Let’s do this!!!

Maybe this idea makes you a little uncomfortable. That’s okay, but be reminded of these words from Paul, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first the Jew, then to the Gentile.” – Romans 1:16

Don’t be ashamed of your faith, don’t worry what people might say. Jesus has saved your life, he’s rescued you from sin and brokenness. You’ve experienced the life transforming power of the Lord, and others need to know about Christ’s love as well! Let’s use Easter Sunday to all go public with how God has changed our lives, and let’s pray for God to open doors of conversation with people who need Jesus. 

Just image how the Spirit of God might move through this! 

Pastor Eric

PS – If you can’t figure out how to post a video, call me at church and I’ll try to walk you through it.