1226 Union Ave, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Mission & Vision

Following Jesus, Serving Others, and Sharing God's Love

Our Mission:
We seek to be empowered by the Spirit to follow Jesus together, serve each other, and share God’s love.

Our 7 Year Vision:
We envision Fourth Church as a growing community of believers who love and serve God in every part of life. Our Spirit-led discipleship will create greater unity, joy, and celebration; deeper prayer, worship, and reliance on the Holy Spirit; and open-handed hospitality, generosity, and service. As active followers of Jesus, we will joyfully and generously use our spiritual gifts as well as our personal and community resources to meet the needs of others in the name of Jesus Christ.

Our Values:
Scripture – As the authoritative Word of God, we believe in keeping scripture central to our decision-making and discipleship.
Prayer – We believe prayer is vital for keeping the church intimately connected to God.
Discipleship – We believe that all believers are called to be disciples, and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We believe that this happens best in relational ministry.
Hospitality – We believe in being a body of believers that is multigenerational and inclusive of people of all abilities.
Mission – We believe in partnering with local and global missions for the sake of sharing the gospel to the world.